Ubiq Security Appoints Steve Pataky as Global Chief Channel Officer and Head of Americas Sales, Launches Ubiq Security Partner Program

SAN DIEGOOct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ubiq Security, a disruptor in the digital data security space, today announced the Ubiq Security Partner Program, a unique channel program designed to help partners expand their security practice with a powerful data-first security solution. The company also announced the appointment of industry veteran, Steve Pataky as Chief Channel Officer and Head of Americas Sales. Pataky has over 30 years of channel and sales leadership experience in the security industry, having held executive positions at some of the most well-known security brands in the world including Juniper, FireEye, and SonicWall.

Steve-PatakiSteve Pataky, Global Chief Channel Officer and Head of America Sales, Ubiq Security

"I'm equally excited about the Ubiq data-first security value proposition as I am by the fact that we are building a channel-first go-to-market model from day one," stated Pataky. "Ubiq was built with partnering at the forefront. It's clear how Ubiq's 100% software platform is primed to help customers drive real business outcomes and in doing so, allows our partners to show their value add. This is a massive opportunity for partners to monetize their security practices incrementally, by truly securing the data, not just by adding another layer to the perimeter. Our solution will be relevant for security solution partners, MSSPs, and IoT solution providers alike," added Pataky.

Data is proliferating at lightning speed and lives everywhere – servers, the cloud, endpoints, applications and IoT devices. Enterprises of every size and shape rely on data to achieve business success and remain competitive – through better insight, innovation, strategic growth, and customer experience. But this can only be achieved if the data can be freely leveraged in a secure and compliant way, without compromise of scale and performance. 

"Ubiq's mission is to enable our customers to secure any type of data, on any device, anywhere. Fast, transparent, and without impact to performance and user experience," said Wias Issa, CEO of Ubiq Security. "This is a critical mission that requires a fundamentally different approach to security, and one that must leverage a rich partner ecosystem for delivery."

The Ubiq Security Partner Program gives partners a clear path to success in serving their customers with Ubiq's unique data-first security platform. As CISOs and IT teams have evolved from providing connectivity and security to enabling business transformation and growth, it is more important than ever to ensure data can be safely used to accelerate business.

"Our goal with the program is to strip away the administrative burden of having partners onboard a new solution into their security practice and instead focus on solutions that will enable them have a data-first security and business outcomes discussion with their customers," said Pataky.

"Partnering DNA runs deep at Ubiq. The team has decades of collective experience in building security channels, supporting partners, and working to drive mutually successful outcomes," stated Issa, "I was fortunate enough to work with Steve at FireEye and SonicWall and witnessed his commitment and integrity-driven approach to partnering firsthand. I couldn't be more thrilled to have him join Ubiq as our new Channel Chief."


Ubiqは、データがそのライフサイクルを通じてプライベートで安全かつ効率的にアクセス可能であるべきであるという信念に基づいて設立され、組織がデータから最大の価値を引き出し、盗難や侵害のリスクを根本的に軽減できるようにします。 あらゆる場所でデータを保護し、承認されたシステムとユーザーアクセスのみを可能にする、完全に透過的で複数の特許を取得したデータファーストドリブンのセキュリティおよびプライバシープラットフォームを通じてこれを実現できます。軽量のソフトウェアスタックは、既存のアプリケーション、IoTデバイスに簡単に統合できます。また、オンプレミス、エッジ、クラウドなどのエンドポイントやサーバーに簡単にインストールできます。 Ubiqは、サンディエゴベンチャーグループの2019年のクールカンパニー、エンタープライズセキュリティマガジンの2019年の暗号化ベンダーのトップ10、ザチャネルカンパニーのベストニューカマーXCellenceアワード2020を受賞しており、北米、アジア太平洋、日本でその存在感を示しています。

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