パフォーマンスラグがほぼゼロの比類のないセキュリティ? あなたは以前にそのようなセキュリティ製品についての情報を聞いたことがあるはずです。 Ubiqは必ずしもそうであるとは言えませんが、どのような体験ができるのか自分でそれを見てみたくはないですか?。



  • Free live ガイドツアー
  • 簡単な資料
  • もしお役に立てるようであれば、私たちは30日間のフリートライアルをご提案させていただきます。
    おそらく、我々の製品がお客様の環境でどれだけシームレス に稼働するのかをご確認いただけることでしょう。




About Ubiq Data Security Solutions

Ubiq, the trailblazer in digital data security, has developed a multi-patented, ultra-low latency and low impact solution that secures any type of data, on any device, anywhere, delivering on the promise of a “fast and safe connected world.”

Our extremely lightweight, 100% software stack can be directly integrated into existing applications, IoT devices or installed on laptops and servers to secure critical data. We leverage a proprietary data-centric security methodology that renders stolen data useless, when (not if!) it’s stolen by the bad guys or unknowingly compromised.

Ubiq works across public and private sector organizations to ensure all their data is secured in a transparent manner while eliminating the vast amount of management complexity of traditional data security solutions (encryption has been hard!).

How is the live guided tour conducted?
Via a video call. The demo takes between 30-60 minutes. You are welcome to invite team members on the call.

Do I have to sign-up for anything?
No commitment is required and we won’t hard pitch you either. This is all about showing you how Ubiq works.